Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Letter to Mr. D about meeting on 08/30/11

Mr. D

Thank you for taking the time to meet with my wife and I yesterday.

I heard your point that “someone” could have gone in and used Joe Barone’s computer to send email in question.  However I highly doubt it.  See my reasoning below.

I spoke with a colleague and we came up with a few scenarios for your theory to be correct.  Here is the most logical one.  It is still pulling straws.
1.       Joe Barone would have had to leave his computer on and logged in
a.       Major security flaw
2.       The “someone” would have needed to gone into Joe’s office to send this email.
3.       The “someone” would then have to gone into Julie’s office to print the email.
a.       Julie would have also have had to leave her computer on and logged in as well.
b.      The “someone” would also have to remember to “mark as unread” or delete the email to cover his/her tracks.
Another scenario would be stolen password’s which opens another whole can of worms.

Let’s say that theory is correct. 
Why didn’t the two assistant managers who received this email bring this up to you or Human Resources. 
True the “someone” was in Julie’s office and may have deleted it, was he also able to get onto Stephens computer. 

I asked you about financial audits leading up to Information Technology security audits.  You answered that you have had IT security audits. 
One of the primary implementations that would come out of an audit is
·         Automatic computer locking after a set period of idle time.
·         Prompting for a password to log back into the system.
·         The longest time frame this is generally set to is 15 minutes.

In conclusion
·         If you have the proper security in place it is highly unlikely that the “someone” would have been able to accomplish your theory within normal time frame.
·         If proper minimal security is not in place then it is a reflection on your IT staff and your outside auditors.

The email issue at hand is within my field of expertise.  I know little about food & beverage beside eating and nothing about running a club. 
If you need the proper techs to really get to the bottom of this I can give you qualified references.

Meeting with Mr. D.

On Tuesday August 30, 2011 at 1:30 pm I met with Mr. D.

This is the first time I every had any interaction with Mr. D. 
I was pleasantly surprised to find out how genuinely nice and humble a man he is.

Mr. D explained the matter has been brought up to Human Resources.
Mr. D. said they are looking into a disgruntled former employee.
The theory is that someone went into Joe Barone's office and used his computer too send the email in question.

See my next post for my well thought out reaction.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Is it proper for upper management to describe a member as "What a dick!"

Is it proper for upper management to describe a member as "What a dick!"
When upper management sends his underlings an email about a member saying "What a dick!" is the member correct in insisting on a minimum of six (6) months suspension and an apology letter.

Personally this happened to me.
I am uncomfortable using the pool and gym facilities at Boca West Country Club where I am an equity member in good standing for the past nine (9) years.  

Course of Action
I gave the full email to a club manager on 08/24/11 and asked him to please give it to the general manager.
I will be meeting with the General Manager tomorrow  at 1:30 PM.
I will update outcome after the meeting.

Note:  There is not a disclaimer nor is there a confidentially notice on the email.

Howard Widensky

Excerpt Of Email